New Wage Theft Laws are to be adapted in Victoria in 2021. A corporate employer will be liable to a maximum fine of $1,000,000 if it dishonestly authorized or permitted another person to withhold an employee entitlement or falsify an entitlement record. Guilty officers will be liable for up to 10 years imprisonment.


Under the new Victorian Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018, labour hire providers (cleaning companies) will have until 29 October 2019 to apply for and be granted a licence to operate in Victoria.

Labour hire providers who do not comply and continue to operate without a licence after 29 October, 2019 will be exposed to sanctions and fines in excess of $500,000.  

The new Victorian Labour Hire Authority will employ inspectors to enforce and promote compliance with this licensing system.

Ambassador Property Services Pty Ltd is a licensed labor hire provider approved by the Victorian Labour Hire Authority under the Victorian Labour Hire licensing Act 2018; Labour Hire License VICLHL03159.


Any business or organisation that uses an unlicensed labour hire provider after 29 October, 2019 will face similar penalties up to in excess of $500,000!


If your business or organisation uses labour hire workers in Victoria, you should start enquiring with your providers as to their intention with relation to these laws and applying for a licence. As a protection, any areas where you use labour hire it would be best to see their licence to operate first as it may be best not to get caught out with an unlicensed provider.