Mobile 200x230Electronic Reporting Module

Ambassador completes client inspections via our online InForm (Inspection) Module. Inspections can be completed using a phone or tablet using the online App. Inspection reports can be tailored to specific client sites, with the ability for images and reports to be added to the inspection report, and any actions arising to be created immediately at the completion of the inspection.

Completed inspection reports can be emailed to clients. The system allows for specific reporting capabilities (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) that are tailored to individual client needs.

Summary of our Electronic Reporting Functions

To Summarise, our online system provides the following:

  • Client access to IMS (including Inspection Reports, CA&I reports, Policies and procedures etc.)
  • Live electronic reporting of Inspections, Corrective Actions. Incident Reports etc. – comprising of immediate access to all stakeholders
  • Inspection Reports tailored to client needs (eg. Quality, Safety, Environment) with scoring available (again, tailored to client specified needs)
  • Inspection Reports emailed to client, or client access via login
  • Ability to attach images (photographs) and other documents to Inspection Reports
  • Ability to raise and follow the progress of Actions – created at Inspection, etc.
  • Provide client reports as and when required. e.g Number and frequency of inspections conducted, Qualifications of staff on site etc.
  • Access to Training reports online

CA & I Reporting System

The CA&I Reporting System (CAIRS) provides details of any conformance or non-conformance operational, management or technical issues, including observations and feedback, that have been documented via the IMS. This system allows for reports to be viewed, tracked and managed by our Clients and by Ambassador Management.

Inspection Reporting

Performance monitoring is a process undertaken through site inspections to determine whether the standard of workmanship is sufficient to meet customer expectations and the contract requirements.

Ambassador Property Services Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that we provide you with the best possible cleaning services. Therefore, as part of our quality assurance, our supervisors are required to conduct a regular inspection report of your site. This report indicates the current cleanliness of the premises and gives a percentage score of up to 100%. We endeavor to keep all of our sites above the 85% score at all times and if this falls behind, a corrective action is taken to bring the premises back up to standard by our supervisors.

This is further supported by a monthly telephone courtesy call from one of our P.R. people. The Client Services Manager reviews the results of all inspections providing ongoing support and monitoring.


Ambassador currently have clients that require extra cleaning services at short notice for such things as seasonal changes, special events, and building refurbishments.

Through a combination of our experience and partnership with our Clients, we have developed a thorough understanding of response requirements for ad-hoc projects, emergency cleans, and the like and how best to provide such services to satisfactorily meet our Clients’ requirements.

Service Sustainability

As part of operational processes we have support staff available at short notice to complete ad-hoc projects and to cover staff absences due to illness. These staff has been inducted into our company and can then be inducted into specific locations and services at short notice.

As a risk management strategy, Ambassador will induct and train this team in specific cleaning, OH&S and environmental procedures for each client so they are ready and able to step in at short notice.

Emergency Cleans

Emergency cleans may be required from time to time. Ambassador has a team of emergency personnel (in house and outsourced providers) and equipment available for emergencies incorporating:

  • Water damage and restoration
  • Smoke damage and restoration
  • Infectious and/or environmental spills (risk assessment required to identify nature of risk and capacity to provide in-house or outsource services).

Staff trained in emergency cleaning management is available with two (2) hours’ notice. An assessment of risk and resource needs is undertaken within the first hour of notification and work can normally commence within two (2) hours.